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Playground Rubber Mulch

Rubberscapes provides several types of 100% recycled rubber products for landscaping, parks, playgrounds, equestrian areas, gun ranges, sports fields and more. We are a local rubber mulch retailer for Texas and Oklahoma, and a nationwide wholesale distributor.

Recycled Rubber Products are durable and cost-effective. Rubber Mulch saves you time and money by avoiding the yearly hassle of re-mulching, and is backed by a 12-year warranty. It will not freeze, blow or wash away, compress, erode or decompose like wood mulch and other materials. In addition, Rubber Mulch is clean - colors will not bleed onto clothes or skin, even in the rain, and will not harbor pests like insects or rodents. An IPEMA-Certified Playground Safety Surface, Rubber Mulch protects kids from falls as high as 16’.

Resources on our site allow you to figure out how much recycled rubber you need for your project, calculate shipping costs, and view a gallery of images of our products in use in playground, landscaping, equstrian and other installations throughout North America.

Benefits of Rubber Mulch:

  • Rubber Mulch does not need to replaced annually - color will last at least 12 years!
  • Rubber Mulch does not erode, decompose, wash or blow away
  • Rubber Mulch does not absorb water, so it will not freeze, and more moisture gets to your plants and soil
  • Rubber Mulch does not harbor pests like termites, other insects, rodents, etc.
  • Rubber Mulch is clean, minimizing airborne dust and particles, and does not crack or splinter like wood mulch
  • Rubber Mulch provides a softer, safer surface for your kids, pets and animals
  • Rubber Mulch saves you money - up to 70% over just 4 years!

Rubber Mulch Colors


IPEMA Certified Certified ASTM-F1292 ADA-qualified Wheelchair Accessibility
Pinnacle Rubber Mulch

Rubberscapes is a proud distributor of GroundSmart Rubber Mulch

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